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The Ox-Cam Arc: being left to fend for itself?

The Oxford – Cambridge Arc may be low on the Government’s priority but this week UK...

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How we want to be part of a successful Arc in 2022

Joe Marshall, managing director, new homes (counties) for Catalyst, shares his thoughts on the Arc...

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UK Property Forums – year in review

As the slate is wiped on 2021, we thought we would look over the proverbial shoulder at UK...

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Robert Godfrey rejoins Savills in new role

Former Savills director Robert Godfrey is to return to the firm in a new role offering investment...

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Enterprise partner sought to come on board with East West Rail

The search has begun for an ‘enterprise partner’ to help East West Rail to both provide its...

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First public consultation on the Arc is launched

The first of three public consultations on the Oxford-Cambridge Arc has been launched with appeals...

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