The Histon Road scheme will help to accommodate extra traffic and ease congestion as a result of the success of Cambridge as one of the fastest growing cities in the uk, whilst upgrading the road to a safe, connected community for local residents and businesses.

This success although bringing many benefits to the area, has also led to an increase in traffic on routes into the city – including Histon Road, leading to peak-time traffic congestion, delays for commuters and affecting the quality of life for residents.

The population of Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire is estimated to rise by up to 28% over the next decade, bringing in many thousands of extra journeys into and out of the city – to places of work, study and leisure.

The scheme developed by the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) will help to accommodate these extra trips whilst upgrading the road to a safe, pleasant and connected community for local residents and businesses.

To achieve this, GCP describe their aim is to improve public transport journey times, as well as cycling and walking facilities, to encourage people to use sustainable modes of transport as an alternative to the car.

The Histon Road scheme will include:-

– Bus priority measures including a bus lane and new floating bus stops

– Improved pedestrian and cycle facilities with cycle lanes segregated from vehicular traffic by height and the use of the Cambridge kerb

– The removal of some on-street parking to allow more road space for buses and cyclists

– Landscaping to areas where more greenery can be included

The Benefits of the Project as set out by GCP are to:-

– Improve the speed and reliability of public transport journeys

– Help to reduce levels of peak-time congestion

– Provide a safer and more convenient environment for cycling and walking journeys

– Enhance the environment, street scene and air quality

– Provide additional capacity for sustainable trips to employment and education sites

– Help increase the levels of people using sustainable modes of transport

All improvements will be within the highway and do not require the purchase of private land.

As part of the scheme, the Project Team has made a commitment to replace every tree which is removed and aims to increase the overall number of trees on Histon Road.

The scheme also aims to provide a 1.8m footpath throughout the length of Histon Road with a 1.4m minimum at pinch points.

Raised cycle lanes will be up to 2m wide, and advisory cycle lanes up to 1.5m wide.

It is envisaged that the construction cost of Histon Road will be £6m.

The project is designed to be completed in four phases with a final completion date of spring 2021.

Construction work to implement the changes to Histon Road are planned to start January 27 2020.

Greater Cambridgeshire Partnership are working with the Cambridgeshire County Council’s Streetworks Team to agree the best possible approach for the temporary traffic management during these works.

Details will be advertised here and widely publicised, once they have been agreed.

Image:  courtesy of Greater Cambridgeshire Partnership

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