Haymaker Group has submitted plans for 36 commercial units totalling 85,000 sq ft near Aylesbury.

Via Arrow Planning, the developer has submitted a full planning application to the new Buckinghamshire Council to build on a 2.9-hectare, agricultural site off Cane End Lane, close to the new Bierton Crematorium.

The units could deliver a total of 155 new jobs and are targeted at SMEs, a market suffering a lack of new-build development in the area.

The units range in size from 1,290 sq ft to 4,041 sq ft and cover use classes B1 (business), B2 (general industrial) and B8 (storage and distribution).

Arrow Planning director Mark Schmull said the scheme would address pent up demand for smaller units primarily from local businesses seeking to expand.

He added: “This need is not considered to be unfettered by the current COVID-19 situation and resultant economic impacts.

“The lead in time to securing planning permission, and resultant build out, means that the economic climate is likely to have improved by that time and current indications are that the level of need will remain and may even increase.

“As the long term impacts on working patterns are unknown, it is reasonable to assume that some businesses may downsize (due to changing working practices and/or due to financial impacts), and thus, there may be greater need for smaller units as proposed by this application.”

Sherwood Architects designed the scheme and Chandler Garvey provided specialist market advice.

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