While the property sector faces its most difficult time in most people’s living memories, one developer and investor had pledged it won’t be among the casualties.

T A Fisher celebrates its 125th anniversary during 2020 and managing director John Fisher has made it clear that the family firm, now in its fourth generation and having come through two world wars, will survive the current crisis and continue to thrive.

The company has been rooted in and around the Reading and Thames Valley since it began as a signwriting firm in 1895 and has ongoing developments throughout the region, along with a substantial division devoted to providing serviced apartments.

But as the world began to face the COVID-19 crisis and the massive effects on the business and property worlds, careful management over many years has left T A Fisher protected against the financial storm the crisis has brought.

Mr Fisher, who was winner of the Outstanding Contribution of the Year award at Thames Valley Property Awards in 2016, said: “We now find ourselves in a scary new world immersed in the fallout from COVID-19.

“So many markets, individuals, companies are being impacted.  It seems no-one is immune from the crisis. 

“Unfortunately, there will be casualties from the economic downturn.  For sure, T A Fisher won’t be amongst them although it must be said, we’ve been facing some very difficult and taxing issues over the past few weeks. One generation had to deal with wartime and now the fourth generation is having to deal with a quasi-wartime situation. 

“But, as a considerate SME, the company is thinking of its staff and doing everything it can to keep business running, albeit in a somewhat different manner. 

“T A Fisher has enough resilience to cope with this kind of crisis.  The company has very little debt and plenty of cash in the bank; the key ingredients to stave off a downturn, whatever the cause may be.

“Indeed, our multi-faceted company with both operational development and investment aspects, has always fared better during a difficult market and so, yet again, will be eager to look at any new opportunities that may arise when the market gets back on its feet.”

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Image: Homes at Castlebrook, North Warnborough. A T A Fisher development where the first releases were launched in March. Visit: https://www.mccarthyholden.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/16767403_15166571.pdf

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