Plans for up to 370 new homes in Kidlington have been approved.

Cherwell District Council’s planning committee approved plans by Barwood Development Securities and the trustees of the Philip King Homes Trust to build on three arable fields totalling 27.75 hectares off Bicester Road, close to the Kidlington roundabout, at its October 5 meeting.

The scheme, in which 50 per cent of the homes will be affordable, will include sports pitches and a pavilion. The site is close to that of Oxford United’s proposed new stadium. Councillors voted by nine to zero for the plan with six abstentions.

Cllr Barry Wood told the meeting the site was allocated for housing in the partial review (PR) of the Local Plan, and he understood the concerns expressed by the developer over delays in getting the scheme through the system.

He went on: “I have some sympathy with the developer who said words to the effect that it took longer than he thought because the county council dragged their heels over more traffic conditions.

“It doesn’t catch me by surprise – what a shock. If there’s to be a s106 negotiation, well good luck with that then. I anticipate one to two years with that.”

He said getting 50 per cent share of affordable housing was a success story which emanated from the partial review.

He added: “I think socially there’s so much to be gained from these PR sites that they need to be built out with alacrity, rather than delay.”

At the same meeting a plan for 118 homes, proposed by Manor Oak Homes, GB Bishop-Fruedling & CA Parsons, was approved for a site off Oxford Road in Kidlington.

Image shows the site with black outline and The Triangle where Oxford United’s new stadium is planned towards the bottom right.

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