In a year in which the world changed for so many in good and bad ways, it has also changed dramatically for UK Property Forums. 

The most immediate change was the cancellation of all our planned events which included Newbury Social and OxPropFest in the Spring.

In the space of 24 hours we had to tell 500+ delegates we were not going ahead with our events programme and face the reality that our all of our event income had now disappeared.

As a consequence, the decision to go 100 per cent digital was not too difficult.

We re-launched our website in February, started a new newsletter – London West – in April and established our UK Prop Social Portal in December.

We are now able to provide our members with a dashboard to a variety of exclusive information and services designed to assist them with their business development activities.

The combination of our three titles (Thames Tap, Eastern Echo and London West) means that we are now talking to more than 14,000 subscribers every month and getting more than 21,000 page views each month on our website.

The growth has been very exciting for all of us and we hope that we can continue this spirit of optimism in 2021 as we look at new markets with the launch of our new brand, Arc Watch.

Look out for the announcement of our major new event, a combination of UK Prop Fest and OxPropFest, to be held at Bicester Motion on May 27, 2021.

Many thanks for your support over the past year – a year which has been intense but strangely rewarding.

A word on West London from our man on the spot, Mike Lightfoot, who writes for our London West newsletter

London West has in its first year documented the dramatic change that is taking place across seven London Boroughs in the west.

Old Oak Common is Europe’s largest regeneration zone centred around a dramatic new station to serve two major rail lines that will transform transport in the UK.

The Brentford Project and new stadium will create an unrivalled destination in West London. The old industrial sites along the Grand Union Canal are gradually morphing into high-class waterside residential areas.

Olympia has a £1.3 billion refit. Wembley Park grows at pace with new designer outlets and residential developments.

It promises to be an exciting 2021 despite the setbacks and uncertainties that 2020 brought us.

Image (courtesy of the skills of designer Louise Lucas) shows (clockwise from top left): Mike Lightfoot (consultant for West London), Matthew Battle (managing director), Hugh Blaza (consultant for Oxfordshire), Louise Lucas (designer), Debbie Horn (event organiser) and Alan Bunce (news editor, Thames Tap). 

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