Bicester Motion plans to start work this year on a major new section of the site.

Bicester Motion Innovation will comprise six buildings totalling 230,000 sq ft, designed to be home to market-disrupting innovation businesses. Buildings are expected to be complete by 2025.

Just as its Bicester Motion Heritage section of the 444-acre former airfield has become home to almost 200 of the UK’s historic motoring industry companies, the innovation section is proposed to be the future-facing quarter, home to innovators.

Daniel Geoghegan, the chief executive of Bicester Motion, said: “Our vision is greater than Heritage, creating a place that doesn’t just nurture the classic car industry, but also helps build solid foundations for the future of mobility.

“Our 444-acre development is called Bicester Motion because that’s what this site has always been about: motion in all its forms.

“What we’re creating here is a blank canvas in the centre of the UK where OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) and mobility businesses can innovate and educate in a beautiful green space developed not just around work, but around leisure and tourism.

“Just as our Heritage ‘Scramble’ events attract thousands of visitors each year, we intend to turn Motion into a community, a destination and a vibrant attraction for the local community and UK visitors alike.”

Once Bicester Motion Innovation in complete in 2025, the site’s other major developments, Experience and Wilderness plus a 340-room hotel will follow with the entire park destined for completion by 2030.

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