Blenheim Estate has created a new partnership of experts to offer developers a rare package of skills.

Blenheim Strategic Partners brings together a team which includes Blenheim Estate property director Roger File, founder of Vanderbilt, Edward Spencer-Churchill and planner Nigel McGurk along with Pye Homes as development partner.

The new business will offer land promotion, masterplanning and development to landowners throughout the country. Its model is designed to enable landowners to retain long-term involvement in the development of their land, rather than selling to a developer.

The concept is intended to enable landowners to benefit from higher land values achievable as developments reach completion, which the partnership calls ‘patient capital’.

Dominic Hare, chief executive of Blenheim Strategic Partners, said: “Blenheim has over 300 years of experience in land development, stewardship and investment and an inherent understanding of legacy.

“From the creation of Blenheim Palace and gardens to the new communities that we have developed locally, the estate has provided insight and inspiration.

“Blenheim Strategic Partners offers an understanding of value beyond the financial: longevity, social value and a respect for land, people and place. It also offers a strong financial basis and access to funding, from both private individuals and the wider Blenheim finance group.”

Blenheim Estates says the new partnership will bring the concept of legacy into sustainable community development, in line with the approach of Blenheim Estate Homes.

Roger File who is property director of Blenheim Strategic Partners said: “Over 30 per cent of the UK’s landmass is owned by long term landowners. Typically, such families or organisations will have a vested interest in the future of their estate, while also requiring a financial return.

“By entering into a collaborative partnership with Blenheim Strategic Partners, landowners can facilitate new, environmentally-sensitive and sociably responsible communities which are inspired by their unique setting and have community health and wellbeing at their heart.”

Blenheim Strategic Partners is already working with landowners on schemes in Hampshire, Berkshire, Worcestershire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire.

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