The Contemporary Art Society Consultancy has teamed up with Oxford North to provide public artwork at the scheme.

The consultant will manage a high-profile public art programme for development partners Thomas White Oxford, Cadillac Fairview, Stanhope and Hill Group, along with local cultural organisations.

A public art steering group will work with local stakeholders, residents and life sciences professionals on a programme designed to emphasise Oxford North’s character as a new place for discovery of groundbreaking work in science, health, wellbeing and innovation.

It will include permanent public art installations, temporary public art activities and events such as performances, exhibitions, films, publications and conferences.

Jordan Kaplan, senior art producer for CAS Consultancy, said: “What excites us about working on this project is that Oxford North has a genuine commitment to modes of sustainable working and living, greening agendas and ecological support threaded through its public, green space and buildings, which will bring people closer to nature and each other.

“We will identify opportunities to deliver exemplary public art that engages communities, architecture, landscape and urban design, which will shape the experience of Oxford North as a place of creativity and innovation that offers a high quality of life.

“For our clients and us it is about ensuring that Oxford North enables vital life sciences research and a context in which science and the creative arts will collide and collaborate.”

Meetings of the steering group will take place at least three to four times a year.

Victoria Collett, development director for Thomas White Oxford, said: “We are looking to ensure our strategy defines the ambition that public art should contribute to the delivery of Oxford City Council’s priorities.

“In particular, it’s about supporting the delivery of a vibrant, sustainable economy and strong, active communities which will help to generate pride in this new place.”

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