In a controversial move, the chair of the Hounslow planning committee withdrew his casting vote on a decision to approve the development proposed for a site known as Manderson House, Commercial Road, Brentford, thus forcing a proposal for a deferral which was agreed upon.

The vote by councillors ended up with seven for approval and seven against the development, which was recommended for approval by the planning officers.

The proposal is for the following:
The demolition of existing office and warehouse buildings on site and the erection of one part-seven storey part-eight storey building (including two-storey podium) and one part-eight storey part-nine storey building (including two-storey podium). Create 111 flats with associated works, including landscaping and amenity space, for commercial and residential use.

In the build-up to the decision to defer, several councillors spoke in favour of the proposal as they felt it improved the site.
One objector came in late with objections raised only three weeks before the meeting, having yet to respond during the consultation process. The owner of Bridge House, a neighbouring commercial road building, complained that his development plans would be hindered by approving the Manderson House proposal.

An unusual situation arose where councillors voted against the proposal without stating their planning objections. The meeting became quite contentious, and the deferment came about after intervention in legal matters.

Concerned that there were no concrete planning objections, a planning officer said,” The inspector would find it hilarious if he watched this video.”


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