As part of Greater Cambridge Partnership’s (GCP) aim to improve access to the city centre, they are proposing changes to the Downing Street/St Andrew’s Street junction.

The improvements are intended at making the junction safer and easier to use for those travelling by bike and on foot.

GCP state that the plans for Downing Street include:

  • The removal of the island between the carriageway and contra-flow cycle lane (it’s removal will improve access for cyclists).
  • Widening of the footway on the south side of the junction.
  • Changes to the phasing of the traffic signals.
  • Additional push button units on the Downing Street pedestrian crossing.
  • ‘No loading signs’ and markings on Downing Street to enable enforcement of no stopping in the mandatory contra-flow system.

GCP have launched a consultation on the proposed changes, this will run from 22/01/2020 until 19/02/2020

Headline image: Downing street, Cambridge, courtesy of Greater Cambridge PartnershipInset image: Detailed drawing of the suggested improvements to the junction, courtesy of Greater Cambridge Partnership