At a raucous Richmond planning meeting, the replacement of Ellery Hall with one-bedroom affordable accommodation was unanimously approved for delegation to the assistant director, Environment and Community Services (Planning and Transport ), to approve once certain conditions had been met.

The conditions are as follows:

  1. The negotiation, revision, and completion of a draft Section 106 agreement; and securing the heads of terms set out in Section 9 of the report to the satisfaction of the Assistant Director (Planning and Transport Strategy); and
  2. A decision by the applicant not to dispose of the application site without securing that any future development partner would be required to enter into, without amendment, the final draft Section 106 agreement referred to at resolution 1, to the satisfaction of the Assistant Director (Planning and Transport Strategy); and
  3. A list of conditions, including that the development is commenced within three years.

The proposal is in two parts for the demolition of Ellery Hall, replacing it with 16 affordable housing units and building a new community centre on the North Lane Depot and East Car Park site, previously covered here.

The proposal also delivers on many of the policies included in the London Plan, including small sites, delivering affordable housing and developing London’s social infrastructure.

The applicant is the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, and the agent is Clive Chapman Architects.

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