Wandsworth Planning Committee has approved a new block for Emanuel School in Battersea Rise.

The alterations include the demolition of existing buildings and the erection of a replacement four-storey science and dining building, with associated landscaping works and replacement car parking with access from Spencer Park. 

Following planning approval, construction will start in January 2025, with an anticipated completion by spring 2027.

The block has been designed by award-winning architects Design Engine. The fully accessible four-storey building will feature a large light-filled refectory on the ground floor, doubling as an entertainment/event and assembly space, and specialist science laboratories, subject and computing rooms on the three floors above. The aim is to achieve a BREEAM accreditation of excellence and maximise the sustainability of the building when it is in use.

The 4300 sqm new building will complement existing buildings on site, sustaining Emanuel’s heritage while providing a modern and welcoming environment for dining and study.

There will also be a third-floor terrace space with a green roof to encourage biodiversity and a lightwell to enable light to cascade down the building via the central atrium.

The roof will be comprised of solar panels (PV) to generate electricity for the building, enhancing the project’s sustainability. Further sustainability efficiencies will be gained from the use of air-source heat pumps, which will be located on the roof.

The new development is forecast to cost in the region of £30m with the majority of the funding for the building coming from the Westminster and Grey Coat Foundation, which Emanuel is part of. The Foundation secured a private placement (Bond) in 2022. This funding provides 25-year debt at a fixed interest rate until maturity – akin to an interest only mortgage.


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