Carter Jonas has secured planning consent for a UK Atomic Energy Authority  (UKAEA) fusion demonstration plant at Culham Science Centre.

South Oxfordshire District Council has approved the multi-million pound development which will be built and operated by Canadian firm General Fusion.

The company is developing a fusion power device based on magnetised target fusion (MTF) technology – a form of fusion which uses the process that powers the sun to create carbon-free, safe and abundant electricity.

The plant is seen as a critical step towards achieving commercial fusion power. The new facility will demonstrate that fusion conditions can be practically achieved using MTF technology, paving the way for the company’s future commercial power plant.

Steven Sensecall, Carter Jonas’ head of planning & development for the South & South West, said: “We were extremely pleased to have helped in achieving planning consent for this important facility which will deliver safe, clean and plentiful energy for the UK and beyond, and in doing so, assist considerably in tackling climate change.

“Carter Jonas has worked extensively at Culham Science Centre for many years and recently secured the release of the site from the Green Belt and its allocation in the newly adopted Local Plan as a strategic employment site.

“This new planning policy framework has established the platform for further ground-breaking science and technology-related development at Culham, such as this facility.”

Prof Sir Ian Chapman, chief executive of UKAEA said: “UKAEA welcomes this milestone as it aligns with our strategy to create clusters that accelerate innovation in fusion and related technologies, and support public-private partnerships to thrive. It also builds upon our heritage of hosting major fusion facilities here at our Culham Campus.”

The team on the project includes AL_A Architects, Fabrik Landscape Architects, ARUP, Ecology By Design, Donald Insall Associates, Hatch, BSP Consulting and Tree Frontiers.

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