Gloucester City Council, alongside seven other councils, will be helping to co-design a new digital planning process.

It will be joining the ‘Reducing Invalid Planning Applications’ (RIPA), and Back Office Planning System (BOPS) project team to co-design a new system that aims to improve the accessibility, transparency and efficiency of planning systems in England.

Ultimately the preparing and submitting of applications will be simplified, with the goal of reducing the number of invalid applications, as well as making the customer’s experience more user friendly.

One of the ways the new system will help speed up applications is by helping to ensure customers have all of the documentation required when they submit the application.

Cllr Stephanie Chambers, cabinet member for planning and housing strategy, said: “We are grateful to be awarded this much-needed funding from the DLUHC. This grant will help us to modernise our system to ensure it remains fit for purpose for many years to come. The new system will increase efficiency throughout the planning application process, therefore providing a quicker and better service for all customers.”

On average the city council receives around 800 planning applications every year.

Image source- Gloucester City Council

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