Businesses, along with other stakeholders in Oxford, are being asked to ‘Plant a Tree for the Jubilee’.

Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire’s Lord Lieutenant are working together to in the city as part of the national Queen’s Green Canopy (QGC) project.

The scheme encourages everyone including individuals, community groups, organisations, schools to plant trees wherever possible. Street trees are particularly wanted to try to reduce pollution in urban areas and make them more attractive.

Buying and planting a pavement tree along with watering it for three years costs £5,000 and the council hopes businesses can help with sponsorship.

In a statement on the scheme the council says: “We will acknowledge your business as an official sponsor on Oxford City Council’s website and via our social media campaigns.

“Any tree that you sponsor will be marked on the Queen’s Green Canopy interactive map and attributed to your business. For multiple trees, a plaque can be placed by the trees acknowledging your business.”


Contact: Jessica Goodenough on or 01865 252 894.

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