A planning application to site 888 shipping containers, modified for battery storage has prompted hundreds of objections.

Statera Energy has applied to put up a battery energy storage system (BESS), connected directly to the National Grid on 33 hectares of arable land at Rookery Farm in Granborough, Bucks.

The BESS allows energy from the grid to be stored and used at times of high demand.

As well as 888 containers, the scheme involves 37 inverter houses, seven control rooms, three shipping containers for storage and one as a welfare unit and four fire water storage tanks. There will also be a large customer substation up to 10-metres tall.

The site is 500 metres from the nearest homes.

But by February 1 almost 300 objections had been received. Some claim the area, close to Granborough village will be desecrated while others complain of harm to wildlife, loss of farmland, noise and fumes.

Some complain they have already suffered the imposition of HS2 and East West Rail and complain of more ‘unnecessary upheaval to the local community’.

The scheme is so vehemently opposed that opponents of the nearby proposed Rosefield Solar Farm have joined forces with Claydons Solar Action Group to fight both schemes which they say are connected.

Stratera is seeking a five-year window to start the project in to allow for the East Claydon Grid Supply Point substation to be completed. It is currently due for completion in 2027.

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