Kingston Council has been awarded £1.4m by Transport for London (TfL) for projects to create cleaner, greener, healthier neighbourhoods for current and future generations to thrive in.

The proposals, submitted to TfL, aim to enhance the borough’s sustainable transport offer, create safer streets and improve air quality. The funds are set to support the final phase of the rollout of a 20mph speed limit on the borough’s residential roads, an enhanced cycle training initiative and a programme of local projects to improve travel choices and access. As part of the allocation, a further announcement from TfL on investment in Kingston’s cycle lane network is expected soon. 

The funding, which covers 2023/24, was awarded through TfL’s Local Implementation Plan (LIP) scheme, which provides funds to projects which support the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy.

Councillor Ian Manders, the portfolio holder for Climate Action and Sustainable Transport, said: 

“Tackling climate change and ensuring a greener future for residents is a top priority for the council. This Transport for London funding for local projects will help to make our streets healthier and safer for years to come. 

 “By striving for the best for our neighbourhoods, we can continue to transform them into welcoming, healthy spaces where everyone can enjoy a better quality of life.”


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