New research by Make UK Modular reveals strong public support for greener, energy-efficient homes.

This study, conducted in partnership with Octopus Energy and carried out by Savanta, surveyed 2,300 UK adults and found that 60% of renters and buyers prioritise the environmental performance of their new homes.

Half of the respondents are willing to pay more upfront for greener homes.

Additionally, nearly 80% of those surveyed are ready to invest in homes with lower energy bills, and the younger generation is especially keen on greener homes.

Introducing stamp duty incentives for the most energy-efficient homes can pave the way for a sustainable future in the UK.

These measures align with the Prime Minister’s net-zero approach and are driven by the desire to meet the increasing demand for eco-friendly housing.

Modular manufacturers are well-positioned to lead this revolution, building energy-efficient homes at competitive prices, potentially saving the average family up to £1,000 annually on energy bills.

Michael Cottrell, Zero Bills Homes Director at Octopus Energy, highlights the increasing demand for greener homes, with the potential for smart tariffs to reduce energy bills, possibly to zero.

Daniel Paterson, Director of Government Affairs at Make UK Modular, emphasises that there is widespread public support for a green housing revolution and advocates for immediate government action to create greener, cost-effective homes that reduce environmental impact and household expenses.

These findings underscore a promising trend towards greener, more sustainable housing and indicate that the public is ready to embrace a future with lower energy bills and reduced carbon footprints.

As housing trends evolve in response to growing environmental concerns, the time is ripe for transformative policies to create a more sustainable future for all.

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