A new motorway services area, planned for the M4 near Swindon, will be one of the UK’s first to have EV charging capabilities at every parking space.

The £30m plans submitted to Wiltshire County Council by Moto Hospitality for a 7.27-hectare site at J16 show a car park of up to 241 spaces where infrastructure for EV charging will be built into every space. It will open with 50 operating while the others can be connected later.

There will be a 2,270 sqm amenity building, with a green roof, along with 63 spaces for HGVs, each with future EV charging capability.

An area set aside for biodiversity is expected to achieve a net gain of 12.5 per cent. The site is currently two agricultural fields.

However, a petrol station will also be delivered as part of the scheme. It will have a green roof as well as 14 solar panels on the canopy roofing.

Visit https://development.wiltshire.gov.uk/pr/s/planning-application/a0i3z00001BtDChAAN/pl202309142?tabset-8903c=2

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