The East Anglia Green Energy Enablement (East Anglia GREEN) public consultation has started.

East Anglia GREEN is a proposal to build a new high voltage network reinforcement between Norwich, Bramford and Tilbury.

Whilst the existing high voltage electricity network in East Anglia has been sufficient until now, it lacks the capability to reliably and securely transport all the energy that will be connected by 2030 while working to the required standards.  

The network reinforcement that East Anglia GREEN will provide would be achieved by the construction and operation of a new 400 kV electricity transmission line over a distance of approximately 180 km and a new 400 kV connection substation. 

The reinforcement would comprise mostly of overhead lines (including pylons and conductors), underground cabling through the Dedham Vale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), and works at existing substations at Norwich, Bramford and Tilbury and a new 400 kV connection substation in the Tendring district.  

East Anglia GREEN will play a vital role in delivering electricity efficiently, reliably, and safely and will support the UK’s move to reduce carbon emissions. 

The consultation is being supported by a series of in-person events and online webinars, running throughout the consultation period.

Full details of the proposals, as well as an events and webinars timetable, can be found here.

The consultation ends on Thursday 16 June.  

Image source: National Grid

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