More than 70 people attended the final event in Bedford Borough Council’s public engagement sessions.

The eighth and final meeting at St Mark’s Church Hall in Brickhill, heard directly from the Mayor of Bedford Borough Tom Wootton and senior council officers.

Mayor Tom said: “The turnout we’ve had at all of these meetings over the last eight months has shown how much people want to be a part of this process – they want to be able to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and have as much information as we can provide them with.

“My job as Mayor, and our job as the council, is to ensure that individuals, communities, and businesses are a part of that process, and to try to convince The East West Rail Company to listen to them. They will be the ones who feel the benefit, and they will be the ones who pay the price if we don’t get this right.

“That is why we commissioned the reports which were published last month, evaluating eight potential routes against 13 distinct criteria, encompassing various factors such as environmental considerations, potential demolitions, car parking provisions, and alignment with the Local Plan 2040. It’s not just about asking people for their opinions; we’re here to give them the best possible information.”

The first of two statutory public engagements by the East West Rail Company is expected to start in June.

This month’s event followed a series of meetings held by the council at venues across Bedford borough over the last seven months, including in Bedford, Wilden, Wyboston, Clapham and Roxton.

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