Southend-on-Sea is close to a transformative change with the introduction of the Marine Parade Sustainable Water Management Scheme.

This project, a collaborative effort between the city council, Anglian Water, and the Regional Flood and Coastal Committee, aims to revamp the Marine Parade into an integrated, climate-resilient space.

A key focus of this scheme is the City Beach area of Marine Parade, which has historically faced challenges with surface water flooding following heavy rain. The proposed scheme includes the development of innovative gardens designed to manage rainwater.

These gardens are engineered to collect, treat, and store rainwater, thereby mitigating flood risks while enhancing the area’s aesthetic appeal.

Financially backed with over £2 million from various sources, including the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities, Anglian Water, and the Regional Flood and Coastal Committee, the project is well-supported.

This funding will aid in achieving multiple objectives, including reducing rainwater in sewers, improving flood resilience, conserving mains water, cutting carbon emissions, and promoting biodiversity.

Councillor Meg Davidson, the cabinet member for the environment at Southend-on-Sea City Council, emphasises the scheme’s focus on sustainability and community enhancement. “The Marine Parade Scheme demonstrates our commitment to a sustainable water future and addressing climate change,” said Councillor Davidson.

Marine Parade Sustainable Water Management Scheme represents a significant step towards addressing the challenges posed by a changing climate.

It promises not only to safeguard the area against flooding but also to transform it into a greener, more attractive space for residents, businesses, and visitors alike, while fostering a culture of environmental awareness and sustainability.

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