Inter-governmental science body CABI has shown off its new sustainable home in Wallingford.

The new corporate office, built on the site of a former school building which had become CABI’s previous home, features solar panels, a lightweight green roof and a curtain wall system to allow natural ventilation. Rooflights provide additional daylight. Landscaping is intended to encourage wildlife.

Representatives from CABI, including its new chief executive Dr Daniel Elger and his predecessor Dr Trevor Nicholls, joined property developers CALA Homes, architects Scott Brownrigg, project manager Ridge and Partners and builder Barnwood Construction to mark the opening of the building.

The move was made possible from the sale of land to CALA Homes to allow a 91-home development off Nosworthy Way called Carmel Meadows.

Dr Nicholls, who played a leading role in bringing about the new office before retiring, said, “We now have an office that we can truly be proud of which is fitting for an international organisation, visited by guests and staff from around the world.

“It is truly in keeping with our mission and values to protect the environment and biodiversity whilst also being an impressive local landmark that will put us on the map more visibly in the community.”

Jolyon Price, equity partner at Ridge, said: “CABI, together with the Ridge team, has navigated this important project through many challenges and achievements over the past ten years.

“We have overcome planning hurdles, been responsible for the appointment of the full consultant team and, most recently, we have managed successful completion of the build through the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The Ridge team, with Scott Brownrigg, have remained completely dedicated to supporting CABI all the way through the life cycle of the project, from concept to completion, and we are all very proud of the end result.


Above: Aerial view of the new building.

Below 1 (l-r): (l-r) Matt Carr (Barnwood Construction), Ed Hayden (Scott Brownrigg), Dr Daniel Elger (CABI), Dr Trevor Nicholls formerly with CABI, Aaron Wheeler, CALA Homes, Jason Ward Stephen Watts (Ridge). Copyright: Hundven-Clements Photography.

Below 2 (l-r): Dr Daniel Elger and Dr Trevor Nicholls outside CABI’s new corporate office. Image: Sarah Hilliar/CABI.

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