The Uxbridge Social, a first for London West, featured Andy Lord, TfL chief operating officer (COO) , and an expert panel for a lively discussion about the return to work and TfL.

Andy Lord, TfL COO, gave a detailed assessment of the “state of play” for TfL, the world’s largest single transport authority.

The pandemic impacted travel in London with a ‘fear factor’ limiting journeys beyond the legal requirements to stay at home. TfL remained open, transporting over one hundred thousand NHS employees to work.

Early in the pandemic, thorough cleaning regimes were implemented, and masks were required on all journeys. TfL has been testing the equipment for 18 months, and no evidence of COVID has been found.

The fear factor has gone, and passengers have returned to 70 per cent of pre-pandemic levels. Structural shifts in people returning to the office are the primary cause of the drop.

Especially in Greater London, Buses have seen a faster return than the underground. Monday and Friday mornings are quiet, with the weekends picking up with visitors.

The loans made by the government to help TfL come with conditions, including reducing costs. Despite this pressure to save money and reduce services, the targets to return service levels remain high.

The arrival of the Elizabeth line and further investment will bring about a return in passenger numbers.

Andy Lord said,” we want a more consistent customer experience.”

Andy handed over to Peter Elliott, managing director of Transport Trading Limited Partnership (TTLP), who talked about the Property side of TfL.

The panel then discussed the return to work, property partnerships and hybrid developments.

The speakers were:


  • Matthew Battle, managing director, UK Property Forums


  • Daniel Pagella, commercial director, Arlington

Special Guest

  •  Andy Lord, COO,Transport for London

Invited Panel 

  • Andy Jansons, managing director, Jansons Property
  • Pavitar K Mann, Director, DevComms
  • Sally Blake, associate director, Strategic Projects & Operational Effectiveness (Strategy & Operations) – UK & Ireland (Uxbridge)BMS


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