The South London Swimming Club (SLSC) is staged an exhibition in February to publicise its plans to enhance the facilities at the famous Tooting Bec Lido.

The club has been working with WR-AP Architects to develop proposals to improve visitor facilities at the pool’s shallow end changing area and in the lido’s café.

These include a new entrance with improved security, a more flexible café accessible from the common and the pool, more toilets and showers and a club room for winter use.

If approved, the proposals would further enhance the lido and complement the council’s current and ongoing £3.8m refurbishment of the much-loved open-air pool, which is designed to safeguard its future for the next half-century.

 This involves the replacement of the existing pumphouse, which controls the pool’s water supply and the construction of a new electrical substation to power the pumps and the lido’s modern new UV water purification system.

New pipework and filtration system, new pool liner and improved landscaping around the water’s edge also form essential scheme elements.

The 90-metre-long lido dates back to 1906 and is the largest open-air freshwater pool in the UK, occupying a unique position in the history of British lidos due to its size and the era in which it was built. It is regularly described as the “jewel in the crown” of Wandsworth’s sports, leisure and fitness facilities.

Cabinet member for Environment Judi Gasser said: “The South London Swimming Club is an important and valued partner in our work to improve and safeguard the future of our wonderful lido.

“I would urge local people to visit the exhibition and find out more about the club’s plans to enhance and support the work we are doing to preserve and protect the lido for many decades to come.”



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