Plans for 660 homes in Suffolk have been refused by delegated powers after a surge of objections.

Ipswich borough and East Suffolk district councils issued the joint refusal of permission under delegated powers for the planned development at the 31.52-hectare cross-boundary Humber Doucy Lane site which was proposed by Barratt David Wilson and Hopkins Homes in April.

The plans would mean the loss of two pitches and a training area from Ipswich Rugby Club. Both the club and Sports England were among a host of parish council, utility and infrastructure bodies and other stakeholders objecting. Parishes and locals had concerns over traffic and active travel provision.

A joint statement from the two council’s read: “The development of new housing, and especially affordable housing, is a top priority for Ipswich Borough Council and East Suffolk District Council, especially on sites allocated within our Local Plans.

“With the growing demand for housing, we are keen to see this strategic, allocated site developed. However, the proposals need to align with our strategic vision for sustainable and balanced growth.

“Our decision to refuse planning permission for Humber Doucy Lane within the statutory 13 weeks determination period reflects our commitment to preserving the quality of life for our residents, protecting our environment, and ensuring that any new developments are in the best interests of our community as a whole.

“We encourage developers to consider alternative proposals that align more closely with our strategic planning framework and community needs. Further pre-application engagement is highly encouraged to progress toward an acceptable and exemplary scheme.”

The team on the project includes Phase 2 on planning, PRP on masterplanning and architecture, RPS on archaeology, MJK on heritage and Concilio on communications.

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