Changes have been announced to the Oxpens development in Oxford’s West End  following consultation.

The total number of homes is now 337, the size of the proposed hotel has reduced from 370 rooms to 250 and the design of the proposed amphitheatre and public square has changed.

The proposed hotel and Oxpens river bridge are in new locations in the new scheme which is now due to be submitted in October. An outline application for the scheme will be submitted by OxWED while a separate application for the bridge will be submitted by Oxford City Council.

Kevin Minns, managing director of OxWED, said: “We’re on the cusp of being able to create a vibrant new part of the city, minutes from the railway station, with new homes, workspaces and a hotel.

“We’re particularly proud of the new public square, amphitheatre and new green spaces that anyone will be able to use and the way they connect with the much-loved Oxpens Meadow.

“The feedback we had from last year’s consultations has been tremendously helpful and fed into a refined set of proposals that are new and better.

“So before we submit the Oxpens planning application, we’re putting the plans on show and letting everyone know about what’s changed and what happens next.”

The Oxpens planning application is for a masterplan application and will be submitted later this autumn.  Subject to planning permission, OxWED will then bring in a development partner to take the scheme forward to detailed design and construction.

Cllr Alex Hollingsworth, cabinet member for planning and housing delivery, said: “Oxpens is central to the vision for the West End and the city as a whole as we look to the future and work hard to make Oxford a fair, inclusive, successful and sustainable place for all.

“The proposals have benefitted from some really good engagement and, as they move now towards a formal application, this is an important opportunity for people to see how the scheme has evolved.”

New details are on the Oxpens website: Visit 

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