British Airways (BA) plan to demolish a former training centre and replace it with flexible buildings that give a 70 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions.

 The planned redevelopment is the former BA training centre Cranebank, Silver Jubilee Way, TW4, which currently comprises nine buildings that vary in size. The highest building is five storeys (maximum height of 45m).

The existing use is considered to be Sui Generis, given the variety of uses that the site comprised. The proposal would result in the demolition of the existing buildings and the erection of two industrial buildings within the designated Locally Significant Industrial Site (LSIS) – the Haslemere Heathrow Industrial Estate.

The proposed uses would be flexible industrial Use Class E ((Storage and Distribution/ General Industry), with ancillary office space and a 257 bay three-storey car park. The two buildings are designed to be flexible to accommodate a range of activity within the proposed uses and to be able to expand or sub-divide if and when required.

The Hounslow planning team commented that the proposal is considered a good design that would provide high quality flexible industrial units, preserve the openness of the adjacent Green Belt, and not unacceptably harm neighbours living conditions or the local highway network.

The Planning Committee approved the submission on January 6th 2022, after a short discussion on the merits of the local area.


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