Hounslow Planning Committee voted in favour of the demolition of the former Chiswick Police Station and the building of a new care home with three abstentions.

The proposal was for the demolition of the former police station and the erection of two buildings ranging between one to six storeys, providing 50 extra care homes for the elderly with shared facilities, community space on the ground floor, cycle parking, landscaping and ancillary works.

The proposal replaced an earlier rejected version deemed inappropriate for the area. During the committee discussion, concerns were expressed about its suitability.

Local residents had expressed disappointment in the design, which they felt compared poorly with other buildings in the area.

Mr Sam Stackhouse, Panning Consultant and Partner at Montagu Evans, Honor Barratt, Chief Executive at applicants Birchgrove and James Wallace, the architect at Hunters, spoke for the application.

The proposed community space was an excellent way to help residents integrate into the local community, and the police would gain a much-needed local base. They would be given one large community space room, a smaller secure room for phone calls, etc. The building was to be highly energy efficient, well insulated and without gas boilers or supply to kitchens.



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