Brent has approved the creation of a new home for the Stonebridge Boxing Club in King Edward VII Park, Wembley.

The proposal is for Stonebridge Boxing Club (SBC) to demolish the existing pavilion and erect a building for indoor sports and fitness, including a gym and sporting facilities, physio, ancillary office space, changing facilities, and café.

Regal has provided pro bono planning support to the club’s charity and has over 600 members.

The approved development will replace an unused, dilapidated structure with a modern facility encompassing a new gym and sporting areas, physio rooms, office space, changing facilities, and a café open to the public. The Brent Planning Committee’s decision underscores the value of the proposed development to the community and its substantial community and recreational benefits.

For the last year, Regal has worked in partnership with Stonebridge Boxing Club, and have provided premises on High Road, Wembley, and now space on Watkin Road in Wembley Park, ensuring that the boxing club could continue to operate. By providing a dedicated space for youth and community activities, the new facility aims to keep young people off the streets, offering them a positive and structured environment for physical activity and personal development. This initiative is particularly crucial given the alarming health statistics in Brent: one in three children are obese by the time they leave primary school, and it is estimated that by 2034, 70 per cent of adults will be overweight or obese. Brent is also the fourth most inactive borough in London, with lower-than-average participation in sports, particularly among females and Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic communities.

The new facility will provide a safe, welcoming environment where residents can engage in sports and fitness activities, thereby reducing the risk of youth involvement in gang activities and serious crime.

King Edward VII Park, a locally listed heritage asset, was established in 1913 and opened publicly in 1914. The park features formal plantings, sports facilities, and various amenities. The new development will respect this heritage while providing modern, high-quality facilities.


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