Hounslow Council’s Cabinet approved the emerging masterplans designed to revitalise Hounslow and Brentford’s Town Centres at a cabinet meeting Tuesday, 18 April.

The plans set out a series of frameworks to support growth and indicative regeneration proposals, including improved and new green spaces, affordable housing, and creating places that meet future community needs and unlock future job growth in our town centres. The comprehensive master plans are part of the Council’s broader ambitions for regeneration and economic growth and its pledge to create thriving, liveable neighbourhoods across the borough. The plans will also provide specific character-led site guidance for emerging developments and a long-term strategy for delivering regeneration in the town centres that work for the communities that use them most. 

Councillor Tom Bruce, cabinet member for Regeneration and Development at Hounslow Council, said:  

“We are committed to creating thriving, greener, safer, and healthier places for our communities to live, play, work, and study. The master plans will help us unlock the potential of our unique town centres and ensure residents’ needs play an integral part of the long-term strategy. 

“It’s no secret that to move forward with regeneration, we need to attract investment, and our masterplans will the basis of this ambition.  

“We’ll be working closely with residents and our partners to shape these plans and to create places where residents and businesses can flourish. Every resident is welcome to get involved and share their views when the consultation begins.” 

The plans will then be utilised as a tool for the Council to use when informing and shaping future planning proposals in the town centres. The master plans will also help the Council prioritise community spaces to meet local needs as its communities expand. 

Hounslow Council will bring forward Masterplan proposals for Chiswick and Feltham Town Centres later this year. 



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