Approval was given for an increase in homes by 238 on the Friary Park Estate , Acton and the inclusion of new resident and amenity services at the Ealing planning meeting on October 19 2022.

The original proposal back in 2020 was for the demolition of the old site developed by Laing in the 1980s and replaced with a 990-home hybrid development by Catalyst Homes. Work on the site commenced in 2021.

Following the commencement of development and in part as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic the decision was taken to review the previously approved scheme to identify opportunities to enhance the proposals and deliver additional planning benefits including affordable housing.

The revised application seeks the following enhancements over that secured by the original application:

  • Deliver 238 additional homes, increasing the overall total from 990 to 1,228 homes.
  • 50% of the habitable rooms contained in the 238 net additional homes to be delivered in affordable housing tenures.
  • Increase the footprint and massing of four blocks
  • Increase the height of Block B2 to between 12 to 17 storeys whilst maintaining the height of the tallest elements of other blocks.
  • Revise the size and layout of three further blocks.
  • Include new resident amenity and community facilities on the ground floors of four blocks.
  • Update the landscape design to create a community square at the heart of the scheme.
  • Provide a parcel consolidation centre in Block B2 and additional loading bays along Friary Road.

Due to the nature the above proposals they could not be considered as an amendment to the previous application and therefore a new application was submitted.


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