Ham Polo Club has lost its appeal to expand it’s sand arena on Metropolitan Open Land (MOL).

The Richmond Council Planning Committee refused the application on February 27, 2023, against the recommendation of the planning officers.

Ham Polo Club submitted an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate in August 2023. The club made the appeal under section 78 of the Town and Country Planning Act.

Helen O’Connor was appointed the planning inspector and visited the site in April 2024.

Ms O’Connor considered the main issues as follows:

• Whether the proposal constitutes inappropriate development on Metropolitan Open Land (MOL);

• The effect of the proposal on the character and appearance of the area having particular regard to designated heritage assets, and;

• If there is harm by reason of inappropriateness, whether it together with any other harm, would be clearly outweighed by other considerations, so as to amount to the very special circumstances required to justify the proposal.

In her conclusion, Ms O’Connor stated,

“Although I did not find the proposal would be inappropriate development in the MOL, it would cause unjustified harm to designated heritage assets which are an irreplaceable resource. “




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