Hammersmith and Fulham Council have reviewed two proposals for Old Oak Common Station and have raised objections.

The first was for relandscaping the existing plot to make way for train crew and catering facilities at the new station. The second proposal follows on from the first, and as a result of the creation of staff facilities, cycle parking and other elements need to be recovered from the final design.

The committee unanimously supported the officers’ recommendations which were as follows;

“There remain concerns with regards to safeguarding a future connection to the east, and in relation to the proposed urban realm layout and public transport interchange, particularly in relation to pedestrian and cycle access and movement.

The proposed location of the crew and catering building results in the loss of the proposed cycle hub for 745 cycle parking spaces safeguarded in the previously approved Schedule 17 application (ref. 22/0064/HS2OPDC), and the current proposals do not include the re-provision of the safeguarded 745 cycle parking spaces.”

Although the approving authority is the OPDC, Hammersmith will be responsible for the highways within their borough. HS2 Limited are the applicant to OPDC for the change to the plans.



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