Thames Tap has teamed up with Legacy Thinking to support a project which seeks to unearth how our travel habits and business practices may be redefined after COVID-19 – and you are invited to take part.

Thames Tap is media partner for the project by the group, a network of professionals seeking to reduce the impact on the environment whilst supporting the economy.

The network has a diverse range of skills and business experience and is keen and willing to collaborate with others to deliver projects to improve the local and global environment whilst supporting business and the economy. 

The group is carrying out a study of small, medium and large businesses to take part in an online survey to gather the experiences of businesses including:

  • The number of commuter and business trips avoided, time and costs saved.
  • The different business practices that have been undertaken and how these have been applied. The success and/or difficulties of these new practices.
  • The perceived benefits/disbenefits of these practices for staff.

Once the study is complete, Legacy Thinking wants to use its platforms for innovations, research outcomes and best practice that can influence networks and industries and bring about business improvements whilst supporting carbon reduction.

The network can support businesses through online forums such as Microsoft Teams and a series of meetings which may include group coaching.

Lynn Basford, partner at BasfordPowers who advises the group on transport policy and changing behaviours, said: “ It is really important to understand how our lives have changed because of the major interruption of COVID19. We want to maximise the benefits and minimise the stress of working and moving in a different way. This survey will help us plan for the future”

The survey takes less 10 minutes and submissions should be made by May 22.

You can take part here:

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Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash