Hillingdon Planning has approved demolishing two buildings and replacing them with one building, increasing the available space.

The developer of the site at Hayes Bridge Retail Park, Uxbridge Road, Hayes  is Oxenwood Real Estate, and UMC architects created the designs.

The application was for demolishing the existing buildings and erecting a single commercial building for employment purposes, with 16,513m2 Gross External Area (GEA) / 16,087m2 Gross Internal Area (GIA), alongside associated infrastructure.

The proposed flexible industrial and warehousing uses are appropriate within a Strategic Industrial Location. The significant uplift in floorspace would ensure the intensification of industrial capacity, supported by strategic policies. The proposed office floor space would be ancillary to the primary industrial use and is therefore considered acceptable in principle.

The green space in the development increases from four per cent to 19 per cent through the implementation of additional landscaping, a green wall and a green roof.

Flood Mitigation is improved through urban greening and reduction in impermeable surfaces.


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