Hounslow Council’s Cabinet has approved a new way forward for progressing an updated Local Plan for the borough

 A Local Plan is a statutory document outlining the Council’s vision and policies for housing, businesses and infrastructure in the borough over the next 15 years and protecting our heritage assets and the natural environment.

Considering comments made by the Planning Inspectorate during the examination of the Local Plan Review documents, the Council has set out a pragmatic way forward that effectively uses the work already undertaken and should ensure an up-to-date Local Plan is in place as swiftly as possible. The Council will withdraw the current Local Plan Reviews from examination and resubmit as soon as practically possible as part of a single, comprehensive and up-to-date Local Plan.

A significant amount of time and resources has already been invested in preparing the Hounslow Local Plan Review to date, and the proposed way forward is the quickest and most effective way for the Local Plan to be completed under the current system of plan-making and meeting the government deadline of 31 December 2026. 

A comprehensive, updated Local Plan will enable positive development in the borough that meets the needs of communities, addresses climate change and enhances local biodiversity. It will incorporate the work undertaken on the Focussed Review of the 2015 Local Plan, the Great West Corridor Plan, the West of the Borough Plan and the Site Allocations Plan.

Councillor Tom Bruce, cabinet member for Regeneration and Development at Hounslow Council, said:

“Development plans and planning policies have a considerable impact on our local communities, and our updated approach to delivering a new Local Plan will ensure residents, businesses, and communities will benefit from these plans for many years to come. We have recognised the comments made by the Planning Inspectorate and residents during the various consultations – this feedback will form the basis of our new local plan.

“Recognising residents’ voices is part of our ambition to be a listening Council, delivering services that work for everyone.”

The updated single Local Plan is programmed to be adopted in 2025. It will inform future development strategies in Hounslow and will be a central consideration in the borough’s assessment and determination of planning applications.

For more information about the updated Local Plan, click here.


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