Wandsworth has given the go-ahead for a roof extension to the Half Moon Putney.

The Half Moon Public House is a locally listed three-storey, red brick building on Lower Richmond Road’s south side.

It is proposed to construct a new ‘roof terrace room’ above the existing single-storey element of the building, install a spiral staircase to the rear, relocate existing AC condenser units with associated timber acoustic fencing, install replacement side gates and replace existing ventilation equipment/ducting.

 The proposed ‘roof terrace room’ extension would have a height of 2.65m, a width of 6.4m and a depth of 10.17m. The extension would also include the building up in brickwork of a section of the existing building to the rear by a height of 1.35m. The addition would be topped with a flat roof, a 23.9 sqm section of which would be retractable with metal louvres. The addition would have painted timber windows, a painted timber glazed door, and timber stall risers.

The Half Moon is a public house and music venue in Putney, London. It is one of West London’s longest-running live music venues, having hosted live music every night since 1963. The venue has been a popular spot for some of the biggest names in popular music, including The Rolling Stones,The Who, Elvis Costello, and Steve Marriott of Small Faces fame.


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