Kingston Council has set out a draft vision for the Kingston town centre area and shared it for consultation during March and April 2023.

The Kingston town centre area plan will be a Supplementary Planning Document to the Local Plan, providing area-based guidance to manage the delivery of new development, public spaces and infrastructure in and around the town centre.

It will be made up of three parts:

  • A vision – for the town centre to look and feel like, bringing together the different strands of engagement into one clear document..
  • A planning framework will demonstrate how planning policies will apply in the town centre and surrounding area and guide investment over the next ten years. It will provide design guidance for all major developments in and around Kingston town centre, defining critical social, economic, environmental and transport infrastructure required to support any new development coming forward.
  • A delivery plan – this will identify and prioritise new projects, how they will be funded and which organisations will lead them to make the vision a reality.

The plan seeks to deliver on the following points:

  • Find sustainable ways to adapt and breathe new life into Kingston’s town centre, making it resilient to climate change so the local economy and communities can thrive.
  • Invest in and create memorable places and spaces for everyone to enjoy and benefit from
  • Celebrate and enhance Kingston’s rich heritage and cultural diversity.
  • Respond to opportunities emerging through the major development of Unilever HQ, the council-led development and the educational offering at Kingston University and Kingston College.
  • Require all new development to be of the highest design quality, environmental sustainability and inclusivity to all people.
  • Secure a balanced mix of commercial spaces, homes, green spaces and infrastructure.

The draft plan can be found here.



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