Consent has been given for Phase Four of the Green Man Lane Estate redevelopment in West Ealing.

The proposal is for the full planning permission for the demolition of all buildings and the construction of blocks C and D2/D3, and D4, ranging in height from five to 16 storeys and comprising 396 units. The ground floor would include community use spaces within Block D3, which would accommodate the Green Man Lane Community Centre and Block C4, which is anticipated to be used as the Jubilee Children’s Centre.

Including an additional staircase for legislation in December resulted in a change in the mix of units, with fewer two-bedroom homes and more one-bedroom homes.

Overall, for the entire estate, the original plan was for the demolition of 464 homes and the creation of 706 new homes, which have subsequently become 869 homes. Over 48 per cent of the homes will be affordable.

The estate is well connected, close to the amenities and services of the Ealing Metropolitan Centre and high-frequency transport options, which include bus services on Broadway/Uxbridge Road and the West Ealing Station (Elizabeth Line).

The original developers Rydon were replaced by the REAL Group in March 2022.


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