A specialist Oxford University spin out has taken an 8,000 sq ft space at Milton Park.

Living Optics, which is developing hyperspectral cameras which capture information undetectable to the human eye, has set up its new head offices at 100 Park Drive at the 214-acre park.

The technology can see beyond the red, green and blue (RGB) of conventional cameras, and can detect more than 50 colours in every pixel, revealing otherwise invisible details and data.

The potential applications include detecting tumours, assessing the freshness of food, sorting plastics for recycling and determining the health and biodiversity of soil.

The firm has grown to a team of 30 since spinning out from the university’s Physics department in 2020. It secured £20 million of series A funding last year to help develop the engineering and software it needs.

Finance director Connor O’Brien, said: “Our successful series A funding underpinned a real excitement about our mission to democratise hyperspectral cameras for the mass market, but it also revealed a critical need for us to find more space and facilities to accommodate for that rapid growth. 

“Milton Park’s location, its adaptable facilities and the vibrancy of its occupier community was a natural fit for Living Optics. Our new headquarters – complete with laboratory, meeting room and collaboration spaces – suit our future needs perfectly.

“We’re well on our way to introducing hyperspectral systems and the huge range of potential applications to the market, which have long been confined to the lab, and we’re really excited to continue that journey here at Milton Park.”

Philip Campbell, commercial director for MEPC Milton Park, said: “We’re thrilled to welcome a local Oxfordshire success story like Living Optics to our vibrant and innovative community. Providing adaptable spaces for exciting tech companies at the vanguard of innovation is at the heart of what we do.

“We think Milton Park as an incubator with strong community collaboration and a long-term track record of nurturing companies along their growth journeys.

“We’re looking forward to seeing Living Optics go from strength-to-strength as it embarks on its mission to democratise access to hyperspectral imaging.”

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