Hillingdon Council has approved the development of a new data centre consisting of two buildings at the Tudor Works, Beaconsfield Road, Hayes.

Colt Data Centre Services Ltd are the applicant. Colt specializes in hyperscale data centres in superb locations for their clients, and they are a global company with two current locations in London.

Colt recently sold off eleven of their smaller data centres to focus on building hyperscale data centres.

The critical consideration in choosing a hyperscale data centre is the location, and this will be their second in West London.

The scale of the development means that there will be insufficient electricity with the existing infrastructure, so Colt has signed a contract with the provider to upgrade both Iver and North Hyde substations.   

The proposal also includes new office space, cycle and vehicle parking. Colt has also promised artwork on the western side of Data Centre two to enhance the view.

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