The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames (LBRuT) has recently launched the Lower Crane Valley Management Plan, which sets out an initial five-year programme for large-scale improvements to the biodiversity and community value of the Crane Valley in Richmond.

From 2024, the five-year plan is set to transform the Lower Crane Valley in Richmond into a captivating leisure and environmental asset. It will protect and enhance its diverse habitats, elevate visitor experiences, and foster educational and recreational use. Moreover, the programme is a testament to LBRuT’s commitment to preserving and enriching the legacy of the people and natural environment of the River Crane for generations to come.

The team has worked closely with local stakeholders and community groups, who are collectively embodied by the Crane Valley Partnership, to produce the plan. This includes Friends of the River Crane Environment, a volunteer organisation dedicated to improving local public spaces on the River Crane.

The Lower Crane Valley is a linked network of open spaces adjoining the River Crane within the boroughs of Richmond upon Thames and Hounslow. Many of these spaces are highly environmentally significant and are valued for recreation. The Lower Crane Valley forms the Crane Corridor’s lower reaches, designated as a Site of Metropolitan Importance for Nature Conservation.


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