More than 60 of the property industry’s next generation gathered for the first RG NextGen event in Reading.

The meeting on Wednesday, August 2 at Zero Degrees, sponsored by transport planning consultancy Motion, is the first of what is expected to be quarterly meetings.

Eventually the group hopes to be able to put on CPD-accreditable events where attendance counts towards people’s continuing professional development credits.

Guests were addressed by four of the committee members; Sebastian Conway-Jarrett, Eastern Echo news editor for UK Property Forums, Caitlin Attrill, a graduate planner with Lichfields, Andrew Nock, a transport planner with Motion and Rebecca Houghton, an apprentice building surveyor at Vail Williams.

Committee member Lucas Burgess, transport planner at Motion, plans to be at the next event which is likely to be in mid to late November.

Mr Conway-Jarrett said: “What a great start for RG NextGen. A great evening was had by all, thanks to all who came and made the evening what it was. Thanks also to Motion for sponsoring our first-ever event!

“It was certainly daunting setting up the event as you never know how many will show up, but after last night there is clearly an appetite for such events in Reading and it was great to meet so many people. I hope that we’ll keep this momentum moving forward. Keep an eye out for our next event.”

Rebecca Houghton said: “It was amazing to have such a turnout for our first event, I’m really excited to see where RG NextGen will grow to and all the new people we will get to meet along the way.”

Stay in touch with RG NextGen at and WhatsApp group

Image (top) shows (l-r): Sebastian Conway-Jarrett, Eastern Echo news editor with UK Property Forums, Caitlin Attrill,  planner with Lichfields, Rebecca Houghton, surveyor at Vail Williams and Andrew Nock, transport planner with Motion.

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