Occupiers at Plus X Innovation at Slough told visitors to the latest UKPropSocial event the space enables them to build connections, impress clients and develop products.

Theo Angus, founder and director, of branding and media agency The Collective Core and Dr Gabriella Spinelli, director of innovation and digital health at Brunel Partners Academic Centre for Health Sciences at Brunel University London, were invited to share their stories at Plus X Innovation at The Future Works at last Tuesday’s Re-imagining Slough event.

In a debate hosted by Toby Kress, programmes director for Plus X Innovation, Slough resident Mr Angus told guests he believes imagery and relationships are key requirements of branding so he launched a series of networking events at the space to get creative people to see it and to mingle.

He said: “At the end of the day if you don’t have good relationships with your people, you aren’t actually presenting yourself in the best way possible – and, really and truthfully, it’s not going to last very long.

“For the people we work with, artists, creatives and freelancers, they don’t necessarily have an ironed-out plan. They are going through things, expressively and creatively so seeing buildings like this can be very intimidating.

“So I think coming in here with Plus X, we are able to build those connections with real people so they don’t feel so isolated, especially if they’re a young start up or a new business.”

He said having amenities helps small operators and start-ups to collaborate more easily.

He added: “I think it’s really important that you not only have good people around you but having occupiable spaces like this and the amenities that you need, makes it much more feasible for start-up businesses and small businesses, particularly in the creative field, to get involved.”

Dr Spinelli, who uses her space to develop healthcare innovations, likened the concept of collaboration to bluefin tuna which move together in shoals to evade predators.

She said: “They create their own ecosystems and that’s what we need to do. We need to exploit the ingredients that are available to us and create those ecosystems that allow us to be innovative and create the services and ecosystems that, my particular domain – healthcare – is demanding.”

Tom Smithers, development director for The Future Works landlord Ashby Capital, said the building was always intended to offer high specification space with a rooftop garden, striking reception area and high level facilities for those arriving on foot or by bike.

He told delegates: “We put in really high-quality cycle and shower facilities, so runners and cyclists are getting a great experience. Facilities are more of a health club than an office facility, so it immediately sets people’s days off well if they have a seamless experience coming in.”

Many of the 80-plus guests toured the Plus X Innovation workshops, amenities, media suite, offices and meeting rooms after the debates. Workshops provide space to produce prototypes and small batch production can also be carried out.

Mr Kress said: “We are redefining the concept of flexible office space in Slough by offering cutting-edge specialist facilities, award-winning innovation programmes and business support to drive growth. There is a real appetite for growth and innovation in Slough, and we have created a space for local businesses to thrive.

“We were proud to host Re-imagining Slough, as it allowed us to celebrate the economic growth within the community and delve into the promising future of Slough”.

See gallery of the space below.

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Top image (l-r): Toby Kress, Tom Smithers, Dr Gabriella Spinelli and Theo Angus.

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