The £1.3bn redevelopment of Olympia by The Future Olympia Team has been given permission to make  a Section 73, minor material amendments, to the masterplan, by Hammermsith and Fulham Council.

The Committee heard representations from Yoo Capital, Alpha Plus and BRIT School in support of the applications.

The presentations covered four proposals for the following changes:

West Hall

  • Alterations to internal layouts to allow for performances to standing audiences
  • Alterations to facade and creation of a green roof

Central Hall

  • Rationalisation of plant space and alterations to office layout
  • Amendments to facade alignment
  • Incorporation of mezzanines in double height spaces

National Hotel

  • Increased hotel rooms from 123 to 145

Multi Storey Car Park (New Hotel)

  • Reduction in hotel rooms from 211 to 197
  • New link at ground level connecting the Multi Storey Car Park to the Pillar Hall restaurant
  • Incorporation of nine meeting rooms

Pillar Hall

  • Internal amendments to suit the requirements of the new tenant

G Gate

  • Theatre layout rotated 180 degrees following tenant discussions
  • Updated facade design
  • Replacement of rooftop restaurant with office space

Public Realm

  • Improvements to the public square and additional retail space

The officers report stated; “The proposed amendments would not alter the conclusions reached in “the assessment and subsequent granting of the extant consent. The Olympia Masterplan would continue to deliver substantial public benefits and there would be no additional harm to any heritage asset as a result of this application.”

The proposals gained unanimous support from the council and its officers.

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