Detailed proposals have been put forward for what developers say will be the first phase of what is set to become a 2,000-home ‘garden neighbourhood’ on the edge of a Suffolk resort.

East Suffolk Council has said it wants to negotiate with landowners to draw up a master plan for the 353-acre scheme at Felixstowe – but Persimmon Homes are keen to push ahead with the first phase of 262 homes before a blueprint is agreed.

The ‘garden neighbourhood’ will stretch from the Eastward Ho playing fields behind Links Avenue to the A14 Dock Spur roundabout and as well as 2,000 houses will include a new £20million sports complex, community hub and 630-place primary school.

The land – mostly farmland but including an equestrian area, small businesses and a former golf driving range – is currently in several different ownerships and the council is keen to draw them together to agree on the release of the land and a co-ordinated development.

However, Persimmon already has planning consent – agreed by the government following an appeal against the council’s refusal – for 560 homes, community centre with possibly a retail unit, business units and 60-bed care home, on part of the site off Candlet and Gulpher Roads.

It has now applied for permission for the final designs for the 262-home first phase, ranging from one to five-bed and a mixture of the open market, shared ownership and rent, along with items such as a pumping station, access and landscaping.

The company said: “The emerging policy requirement for a combined masterplan to cover the entire allocation is not addressed by this reserved matter application. This reserved matter application needs to be considered in light of the consented outline scheme, which established the principle of development.

“The reserved matters application does not in any way prejudice the ability for a combined masterplan to come forward in the future, and does not prejudice the ability of the emerging policy’s ambitions to be realised.”

Land off Candlet Road, Felixstowe, which is set for development Picture: SIMON PARKER

Persimmon said its plans already included the site for a primary school, open space and rights of way, care home and assisted living site, sites for small business units, area for a community centre/retail and the first phase of the residential element.

It said: “The reserved matters application can be considered as the first phase of the delivery of the North Felixstowe Garden Neighbourhood. Future phases of the outline consent can have regard to relevant the masterplan if it has been developed to a stage when it can be given weight.”

The area has been mostly for recreational use over many years. Gulpher Road is an official quiet lane for walking, cycling and horse riding.

Persimmon said there would be ample public space within its part of the overall development.

It said: “The public open space is divided into two main areas, the first at the end of the main access road into the development and the second in a central location around the existing pond.

“The open space is located on the highest part of the site with the residential parcels on the lower ground to better integrate the development within its surroundings and take advantage of natural screening features. Existing planting along the northern and eastern boundaries would be augmented with new tree planting which would help to screen the development and soften the impact of the development.”

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