Reselton Properties Ltd announced in August 2023 that they would revisit the proposal for the Mortlake following Michael Gove’s announcement in July 2023 that two staircases will be required in buildings taller than 18m.

We covered the announcement here.

Richmond Council Planning Committee will consider the outcome of these changes at a special meeting on Wednesday, January 31st, 2024.

The main changes to the hybrid application A will result in the following:

Building 1 (Cinema): Three levels of office were changed to residential use (creating 17 new residential units), and the building height was decreased by 2.6m. The cinema floor plans remain relatively similar, with changes made to accommodate the residential core, refuse and cycle stores, risers, and extend the cinema café. The third floor has changed from glazed to bronze cladding to suit the change of use, a cycle store has been added to the ground floor, and recessed balconies have been added to accommodate the introduced residential use in this building.

Building 2: Internal layout changes only (including removal of the duplex top floor) – increase in one residential unit.

Building 4 (The Maltings): Removal of residential floorspace on floor levels six and seven and internal reconfiguration to include only one core with two stairs and two lifts – overall decrease in one residential unit. Minor elevation changes to the Maltings to re-position the double height windows and change the layout of the ground floor flexible use areas.

Building 7: Internal layout changes only (including removal of the top floor of the duplex).

Building 8: The internal layout was rearranged to accommodate core changes (there was no change in the residential unit mix). The mansard roof stepped out around the southern staircase to accommodate dual staircases to the 8th floor.

Building 10: Floor-to-ceiling heights changed very slightly to bring the building under 18m;

Building 11: Internal layout changes only (third lift and second stair added, affecting the number of habitable rooms) – no change in residential unit numbers

Building 12: The Internal layout has only changed (a third lift and second stair were added, affecting a number of habitable rooms) – there has been no change in residential unit numbers.

Buildings 15 and 17: These buildings are in Development Area 2 and are only in outline. Changes will be internal only.

The overall increase in residential floor space by +1,722 sqm GIA and increase in seven private residential units (increase in 17 residential units in Development Area 1 and decrease in ten residential units in Development Area 2)—no change in affordable residential unit numbers.

Decrease in office floorspace by 2,571 sqm GIA, increase in cinema floorspace (+149 sqm GIA), and increase in flexible use (+125 sqm GIA), including an increase of 11 sqm GIA flexible use floorspace within the High Street Zone;

Internal re-configuration of the basements to accommodate second stairwells, changes to waste stores, partitions and enlarged sprinkler tanks to satisfy updated electric vehicle fire regulations, resulting in a reduction of 15 car parking spaces across the Development;

The fire strategy has been amended, resulting in two stairs for all residential buildings over 18m in height and reintroducing connections to the basement car park for the two-stair buildings. The basement car park fire strategy has also been updated to provide fire safety enhancements to account for the introduction of EV charging in the basement car park.

The waste strategy was amended to return the refuse and recycling stores for Buildings 2, 7, 8, 11 and 12 to the basement level. For these buildings, holding stores at ground level have been provided in Buildings 3, 8 and 12 to support the collection process. Buildings 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10 and all buildings in Development Area 2 maintain refuse and recycling stores at ground level; and

Landscaping updates associated with changes to ground-floor entrances for Blocks 8, 11, and 12 include amendments to the length of private gardens, additional planting, and steps moved.


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