Developer and Thames Tap partner T A Fisher used lockdowns in 2020 to address the demand for instant information from the house buying public.

The family-run developer and property business turned its attention to constructing a new website last year and the result, delivered at the end of 2020, has been warmly received.

Managing director John Fisher said it had become clear that the market is now demanding factual information immediately, especially on mobile devices, while at the same time, the new site needed to host information about all the other facets of the business.

He said: “While the whole driver for the new website was to make it more customer friendly – it is perhaps skewed towards house buyers and residential.

“If you are out and about and you see one of our boards, it’s important to get immediate information. As far as house buying public are concerned, they want fingertip information.

“At the same time, we don’t want to lose our broader standing. We have a considerable mixed-use, commercial, property investment and serviced apartment profile – rather unusually, it’s across the board.

“The website works very well across all platforms. You’ll be able to look at a site plan, a plot, a floor plan, it’s all there.”

He said it has worked particularly well during the pandemic when people may not be able to make a visit or find such detailed information on property portals such as Rightmove.

Mr Fisher said: “We have had very positive feedback, especially on the residential side. This is what the house buying public expect these days.

“We are all in this world where we have to become far more reliant on digital activity. We need brilliant broadband, brilliant internet and paper’s not so relevant although we do still have glossy brochures.

“We’ve had to become really good at digital stuff which is quite revealing for a 125 year old company.

“You can’t put up with clunky websites anymore. We just had to move with the times. You’re not going to sell a product if you’ve got a poor website.

“We’ve got a superb end product but nowadays you have to have a superb digital platform too in order to get your message across.”


Image is a screenshot of the website front page.

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